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Key Persons

Smt. Baby Rani Maurya

Her Excellency, Governor of Uttarakhand and Chancellor, Uttarakhand Residential University, Almora

Prof. Narendra Singh Bhandari

Vice Chancellor, Soban Singh Jeena University, Almora Message from the desk of Vice-Chancellor

Uttarakhand, Residential, University, Almora

Uttarakhand residential university came into existence on 6th September 2016 by the act no.20 of the state of Uttarakhand vide Gazette notification no.230/XXXVI(3)/2016/23(1)/2016 of the legal and parliamentary affairs department of the state with an aim to create a holistic learning centre focused on understanding and responding to societal concerns. The University is contemplated to become a think tank, innovative driver, catalyst and a partner providing sustainable and inclusive technologies and research support for socioeconomic development in the best interest of the state.

University is offering following courses

  • - B.Voc.(Hospitality Management)
  • - B.Voc.(Automotive Manufacturing and Assembly)
  • - B.Voc.(Banking and Financial Management)
  • - B.Voc.(Airport Management)
  • - B.Voc.(Tourism and Resort Management)
  • - B.Voc.(Catering Technology and Hotel Management)
  • - B.Voc.(Events, Aviation and Hospitality Management)

  • - B.Sc.(Cyber Security)
  • - B.Sc.(Cloud Computing)
  • - B.Sc.(Internet of Things)
  • - B.Sc.(Information Technology)
  • - B.Sc.(Biofuels)

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