Graduation Courses

Following B.Sc. Graduation courses shall also be started-

  • 1. B.Sc. (Cloud Computing)- OJT by
  • 2. B.Sc. (Cybersecurity) – OJT by
  • 3. B.Sc. (Internet of Things) - OJT by
  • 4. B.Sc. (Biofuels) - OJT by IT

These three courses are being started to attain following main objectives-
B.Sc (Internet of things) is a new and innovative course, which sets the trend for environments and devices to become more connected and have more information associated with them. During this course, students will learn how buildings, environments, vehicles, clothing, portable devices and other objects will have the ability to sense, analyse, communicate, network and produce new information.

B.Sc (Cloud Computing), aims to develop students both technically and personally and produce broad based graduates of high academic and practical standards to match the need of both Indian and global IT industry. Here students will learn the techniques in the delivery of computing services- servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and more-over the internet (“the cloud”). Students shall have the opportunity to master in the basics of three broad categories of cloud services- Iaas (Infrastructure as a service), Paas (Platform as a services ) and Saas (Software as a service) alongwith having hands on training (OJT) on their different modules.

B.Sc (Cyber Security), shall enable the students to learn those techniques by which they could learn the processes and practices to product networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access as in today’s world of online services, there is imminent danger of theft of financial and personal information and hacking of websites. Students will also learn- how to identify security issues and protect information as well as trach down those who steal the data. Computer forensics, ethical hacking, social engineering etc. may also be the parts of this programme.